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Age Categories

Please take note particularly of the newly announced Youth Categories for 2025
2024-25 Age Categories.png

SANCF will be applying the 2025 age groups from the 2024 Nationals in September 2024

Selection Principles

The SA Youth Climbing team is selected at a selections competition.  The first placed three climbers in each age/gender category are offered a position on the team.  If a climber cannot attend then the Selection Panel may choose to select a lower placed climber that is "reasonably close" in performance"  Speed climbing has a "Hurdle" time imposed that is the maximum time allowed for the relevant age/gender category.

The selection panel has been chosen from a number of coaches in various provinces in SA.  This has been done to ensure some knowledge of climbing ability. 

The Open selections for the World Cup Competitions in 2024 has been completed with Athletes being informed which World Cup competitions they have qualified for.  The ranking was based primarily on the IFSC Olympic selection competition in which SA's best ranked climbers all competed.  The next tier was the National competition held in Durban.

Selection Principles - 2025

Youth World selection principles will be announced shortly.  IFSC confirmed and announced the new age groups on 22 March 2024 that will be in play in 2025.

For World Cup participation in 2025, the principle of ranking will also apply with the National Championship to be held in Pretoria will be a compulsory competition that wil be used as the primary source for the ranking of climbers for the 2025 World Cup selections.

Further information on the 2024/25 ranking system will be made available as soon as it becomes available.  Our team is working on this at the moment.

Selection Panel

The following coaches have been appointed to the selection panel for 2024.  The makeup of this panel is subject to change and members may be added or resign from this standing committee.

  • Tiffany Wells (Chair)

  • Allister Fenton - GC

  • Chris Allan -WCC

  • Jay-D Muller - ECC

  • Jordan Pillai - KZN

  • Nick Meinel - GC

  • Carmen Bouwer - GC

  • Katleho Pobe - GC

  • Alyssa Meyer - GC/WCC

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