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SANCF has adopted a safeguarding policy which can be seen here.   Good progress has been made on the training side with three Designated Safeguarding officers and more than thirty officials and coaches having completed the Safeguarding Awareness course.  We still have some way to go and are encouraging all coaches to complete and submit their Police Clearance certificates and complete the Awareness course.

What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding seeks to create a safe environment where no one suffers harm from harassment or abuse of any kind and where everybody’s right to dignity is respected, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, and ability.
Safeguarding guards against harm, including:
*   predatory behaviours targeting children
*   harassment
*   bullying
*   humiliation
*   discrimination

How is safeguarding implemented at SANCF?

*   coaches and volunteers will receive safeguarding training
*   coaches and volunteers will be vetted with background checks
*   incidents can be reported without fear of exposure or reprisal
*   a mechanism ensures that inappropriate behaviours are investigated and addressed
*   appropriate sanctions or disciplinary actions are implemented
*   victims are offered appropriate support


What to do if you experience or witness something that troubles you?


Contact the SANCF Safeguarding Officer:  Your experience will be held in confidence: no names mentioned.


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