SANCF Newsletter

Date: 16 April 2010

Welcome to the South African National Climbing Federation
or the SANCF

For the past many years, a number of hard working climbers in South Africa have been slowly moving forward towards providing the SA climbing community with the opportunities for competition climbing in a fair and fun manner. The many competitions available to the SA climbers include outdoor events such as the Rock Rally in Boven, Montague Rock Rally, The Rory, and The Rock and Road Trip. Indoor events such as the National Bouldering League, Durban Bouldering Comp, and the Schools League have also prospered.

Additionally many individual comps have been organised by the current commercial walls. Pioneers, who for years, have worked unselfishly to lay down this foundation are the likes of Marijus Šmigelskis, Eric Reimann, Andrew Pedley, Greg Borman, Gustav and Alex Janse van Rensburg, Dave Drummond, Scott Sinclair, Joffrey Hyman, Ian Lewis, Menoli Gounden, Alison Lotter, Gerald Camp, Brett Nicolson, Jeanette Fuchs, Patrick and Sandy Black, Jackie Stainton, Shaun Hope, Derek Marshall, Illona Pelser, Candice Bagley, Paul Bruyere, and many others.

Finally this has culminated in the South African National Climbing Federation
(SANCF). This is essentially an organisation which unifies all the hard work done in previous years by many of these pioneers and is run by them and you. The SANCF plans to set standards based on IFCC guidelines and to take the SA competition climbing community forward to International levels.

Be a part of what is happening in SA Climbing today.
Join the SANCF.
Neil Margetts