Download Documents

Policies and Regulations

The below documents and policies are available for download.  If you are uncertain, please check with the management committee that this is the latest version that you have:

  1. SANCF Indemnity Form
  2. Nationals - Abbreviated Difficulty Rules and Regulations
  3. Climbers Code of Conduct
  4. Parents Code of Conduct
  5. Constitution of SANCF
  6. Provincial Demarcation - Club and Individual Affiliation
  7. Social Media Policy

Sport & Drugs Documents


Other Climbing Info

Competition Resources


SASCOC and Club Related Documents



Appointment of SANCF YWCH Officials and Communication of the Job Descriptions

This document seeks to outline the application process and give a job description of each of the main Team Officials roles. This also outlines the requirements which a potential candidate should possess and demonstrate in order to be considered by the SANCF.