Africa Youth A Climbing Cup Winners




The Africa Youth A Climbing Cup was held on Friday 8th December at CityROCK, Johannesburg.  The event was a selection competition to select our Male and Female Youth A Athlete to represent South Africa at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games taking place in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October next year.


With phenomenal routesetting from Chief Setter, Kent Jennings and his team of setters (James Barnes, Dylan Vogt and Katleho Pobe), the event fulfilled its promise of being a nail-biting competition between our top Youth A Climbers in South Africa.


It was unfortunate that no other Africa country was able to compete as they didn't have the eligible athletes to do so but it is the start of something exciting and new for our African Continent and there are plans for more Africa Cups to come.



The winners of the Africa Youth A Cup:


Girls Youth A Winners:

  1. Gold Medalist: Angela Eckhardt
  2. Silver Medalist: Hannah Sealy-Fisher
  3. Bronze Medalist: Shanay Meintjes

Boys Youth A Winners:

  1. Gold Medalist: David Naudé
  2. Silver Medalist: Christopher Cosser
  3. Bronze Medalist: Mel Janse van Rensburg


It is with great appreciation that the below officials are thanked for their time and expertise at the event:





CityROCK JHB and huge thanks

to Cally Bishop for all her work in

making this happen for us.

Event Co-Ordinators

Vanessa Sealy Fisher


Dane Bishop


Delaney Carpenter

Masters of Ceremonies

James Barnes and Dylan Vogt

Jury President

Patrick Black

Chief Scorer

Tracy Potgieter

Data Scorers

Tracy Potgieter

Chief Setter

Kent Jennings


Roald Paul


Jael van Eck


Tyler Morrissey


Richard Lievaarts


Tracy Potgieter


Nick Meinel


Kathy Stubbs


Colette Rodrigues

Spotters & Belayers

Kent Jennings


James Barnes


Dylan Vogt


Katleho Pobe

Runners & Technicians

Kent Jennings


Katleho Pobe

Time Keepers

Jean van der Merwe


Tim Delamere

Isolation Stewards

Klaudija Vukovic


Shannon Potgieter


Kent Jennings


Katleho Pobe


James Barnes


Dylan Vogt


Allister Fenton


House of Champions

Officials Gifts (Mugs)

Brandline Africa 

Medical Personnel

Tim MacDonald